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Monday, Dec. 16, 2002/10:33 AM

Duk's Arse

Clothes suck

Why the hell would someone wear a SKIRT and pants? Nonsense. Jodi had nothing to do with that.

Bears don't wear shirts. Duks don't wear pants. Teddy wears waist coat and neither shirt nor pants. Nesbitt's nether regions have are always exposed and pantless. Why the hell would I think you cared for Pants or shirts?

Duk thinks pants, skirts and shirts have little fashion value. He doesn't really give a fuck about the specifics. Clothes suck. Bears are Funny.

Duk misses pearl beach. Mr and Mrs Oaf. Snags. Holly when she is telling the truth.

SPASTIC still stands.

Duk's back/ Duk's forward