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Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2003/9:40 AM

Duk's Arse

Mother of Duk turns up

"How many ducks are there?" asked Policeman Bear in his usual inquisitive style (the sort of style that starts deep in the chest and then undulates in all the right places).

"One and only one", said William. "There can only ever be one Duk and that is the one that "Mark The Mother of All" gave me to keep me company on my trip around the world".

"Why do you call him "The Mother of All?" The questions kept coming.

"Well, he was the mother of Duk" said William, hoping he could get away with this as an explanation. Going any further would only get him in trouble!

"Is that this the same Mark Solan that that crazy woman in the bar at Nissos was going on about?"

"Could have been."

"Is that the same Mark Solan who is associated with the previously fat Duchess of York?"

"Could be..."

"When did you last see the afore mentioned Mr Solan?. William knew it was getting serious. Policeman bear only said "afore" when he was deep in one of his investigations.

"Is that the same Mark Solan who created the web site 'www.marksolan.com'?"

The room went quiet, except for a the click of the mouse and the wirring of of the hard drive of this slow and very annoying laptop!


"Is the mother of Duk the mother of all ducks?"

"Will you shut the fuck up you annoying bear." William was looking at the imposter Ducks.

"If we are of the same birth mother would that make them siblings of step siblings?" asked Duk.

Duk's back/ Duk's forward