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Friday, Dec. 13, 2002/2:49 PM

Duk's Arse

Soooo last year! Soooo last decade!

Pearl Beach is awash with Fashion worries. Click here to find out why. Who else should they turn to but Duk. Shirt and pants look was first introduced by Jodi of Umina in about 1983 and was especially popular in New Zealand. Jodi informs us that the look was inspired from popular fashions of another age: Click Here.

Our investigations reveal that Jodi has a secret network of "Shirt and pant" advocates who brainwash people into believing they look good. Jodi will not stop until she has achieved Global Fashion Domination. She has to be stopped. Act now and join the our new organisation SPASTIC (Stop Pants And Shirts Together In Clothing): Shirt and pant advocates.

Behavior starts early.

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