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Thursday, Jun. 19, 2003/9:23 AM

Duk's Arse

Long time, No Beak.

As the door opened, William heard a scream from the Bathroom.

"You are a bastard"

It was Duk. Everyone told William there would be a reaction to his recent behavior but it was clearly worse than anyone had expected.

"Vegas with Ben and Jennifer and you leave me in the fucking bathroom"

It's true. Ben and Jennifer (yes the famous Ben nd J'Lo!). William, Cindy (of Gucci fame - now YSL fame too) and David (The evil Lamb - so called because of the kidnapping episode)all decided to visit Vegas for Memorial Day Weekend. It was all very relaxed. To avoid crowds the they spent most of the time at Lake Mead on a speed boat sunning our selves and occasionally diving in the beautifully refreshing waters of the Colorado River.

It got a bit Crazy on Saturday night when we all decided to go to Nobu for Dinner. Ben and J' (to her friends) did the decent thing and went to the restaurant ahead of us and then waited for us on the high stakes tables at the Hard Rock while we finished our meal. (What good pals!)

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Next week Madge in Majorca.

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