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Thursday, May. 15, 2003/9:41 AM

Duk's Arse

Why is everyone on my case today

You know 'it's come to a thing' when even Nesbitt, the mild mannered and lovable bear, gets on your case. I had a message this morning:

"Update, God Dang IT!"


This is what you get when you put a chap under pressure.

Leah -We are in control. The princess is in hiding and the Coalition of the Confused has interim management in place. There are still some pockets of resistance but rest assured Duk runs 'The Princess Diaries'. We are not letting inspectors in just yet as we need to quell the civil unrest. One day we will reveal the acts of evil that we uncovered there. (Too awful that even Duk cannot speak of them).

William denies any involvement in the launch of the new Domino's pizza campaign in the UK launches "The Psychic Duck".


(But yes it is true that William's business card says "Senior Partner, Global Planning Director" and he works for JWT, the advertising agency that has the Domino's Pizza Account. It is also true that his primary account is the afore mentioned Domino's pizza).

Either he is not doing his job properly or there is a secret Duck agenda. Other events that support the inappropriate promotion of Ducks include the launce of "Celebriducks" a new "marketing tool" to promote something....Ducks?


What ever happened to Nesbitt's marketing campaign?

'Duk awareness' was further heightened this week by the display of a series of Duk photos in the halls of J Walter Thompson - NY. This collection included the Francis Ford Coppola family photo and the most recent addition to Duk's own 'CelebriDUK' collection, Joan Lunden (ex-host of Good Morning America).

Duk's back/ Duk's forward