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Friday, Apr. 11, 2003/10:27 PM

Duk's Arse

Arse Mark!

After experimenting with ink for the 'arse mark' logo project, Duk's once clean arse now bares a "mark" of it's own.

"My arse bares a mark",said Duk. William observed and indeed it did.

"Mark my Bare Arse", Duk continued a little more aggressively.

"Bears, mark my arse". There were no bears in the room.

"'Arse mark' all bears"...

"Mark all Bear arses"...

"Mark all bare arses"...

By now Duk was circling like a dog chasing its tail and making an ungodly row.

"Bare arses get marked!"...

"Bears. Arse to your mark"...

"Mark bears? My arse"...

"Mark your arse, Bear!"...

"Bear arses get mark".

"Well, if nothing else", thought William "at least we have a headline for the day when Ruthiebat designs that Goddamn 'no pants' logo".

"Mark. Get bare and give me your arse."

"Mark has a bare arse!"

"Mark has the arse of a bear!"

"Bears have maked arses."

"Mark's bear is an arse"

"Bears bear Mark's arse"

"Bears. Arses to your marks." Duk is clearly so deranged he has dared to utter the secret starting signal of the rarely witnessed "arse races" that are rumoured that take place on Pearl Beach.

"Shut the fuck up" screamed William, knowing there were many more sentances with the words Bear, Mark and Arse?".

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