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Thursday, Apr. 10, 2003/9:04 AM

Duk's Arse


The war with the Princess has been won. Her tyrannous regime has been toppled. After many exchanges her defenses weakened and Duk was able to enter her palace, have a shower, look at all the pretty pictures and then leave. Resistance was minimal and we have therefore assumed that her regime has crumbled.

As you can see from the current visitor numbers this invasion is incredibly popular with her supporters and visitors. As we speak visitors to the Princess's site are dancing bare arsed for joy and welcoming the new regime. Site visits have increased, clearly indicating the approval of the new regime.

While in the Princess’s palace Duk took time to read all of the pages of her popular site and made a few adjustments. We are pleased to announce the NEW, PRINCESS DIARIES and it’s “Words of Mass Distraction” are now fully “Arse Approved”.

Duk feels it is important that the new regime allows visitors to freely express their views. We invite visitors to write whatever they like in the Princess's guest book. Duk assures the visitors that the NEW, PRINCESS DIARIES will try to maintain continuity between the old and the new regime, thus minimizing any disruption in service. If anyone notices any changes in service on this popular site, Duk will be happy to pass on your comments to the new leaders of the regime.

Since the #1 Diaryland site is now ‘arse approved’ we will be scaling down the campaign to make Duk’s Arse the #1 site. Thank you for your support. We could not have achieved such a great victory without the support of our friends and coalition partners.

Duk's back/ Duk's forward