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Friday, Mar. 28, 2003/6:48 PM

Duk's Arse

Words of Mass Distraction

The Coalition Grows against "The Porcelain Princess".

In a message recieved in the Duk's ARSE guestbook, the Porcelain Princess herself clearly states that she does indeed have "power". Her threatening note gives the distinct impression that she not only has both the capabilities and the intention to use her popularity against an unexpecting publc.

This ruthless tyrant goes on to say that she is indeed an "Evil Bitch" and her words of mass distraction will "be continued".

We are pleased to announce that we have to new allies in this fight. SeanandJacob were the first to join (Duk's new favorite site) and now we are pleased to announce the full support of TEZNEZCO! (a company run by bears) - click on "Nesbitt"

TEZNEZCO offered up a name for this new Coalition "The Coalition of the Confused", a name we are considering and need advice on. Please add other suggestions to the guestbook.

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