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Thursday, Mar. 20, 2003/6:01 PM

Duk's Arse

Hitting the big time

"What's wrong?" asked Duk


"That's not nice", said Duk.

"Bastard, God Awful Day"

"It can't have been that bad"

"Only a war... Toothache....global client meeting, Tour round the United Nations cancelled due to namby pamby out of towners who thought their lives would be at risk if they stepped foot in a potential terrorist target..."

William's irrational anger was uninteresting to Duk. He continued trying to find a suitable place for his new slippers - a gift from Xuan.

"...Anxiety Index study is making me more anxious than the a shop keeper in Bagdad...", William continued..."Wall Fucking Street Fucking Journal didn't even mention my fucking name..."

"We're number 69 on the top 100 Diaryland sites" said Duk trying to change the subject.




"Well we were at 7.00 this evenening", said Duk.

"How cock suckingly, mother fuckingly appropriate"

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