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Monday, Mar. 17, 2003/3:09 PM

Duk's Arse

Duct tape or Duck tape?

"What would we do if there is a biological attack on New York?" asked William as he read the New York Times over his morning cup of coffee.

"Close all the windows", said Duk.

"Everyone in the burbs is buying plastic wrap and Duct tape"

"What tape?"

"Duct tape", repeated William.

"Are you sure it's not called duck tape?" said Duk.

"If only there was such a thing." muttered William under his breath.

He turned to the next section of the times and there on the cover was a headline that read:

"In an Attack, Duct Tape and Plastic Sheeting Can Provide Solace, if Not Real Security.". Above the headline was a picture showing two large rolls of the wide adhesive tape in a shopping cart, each clearly labeled "DUCK tape".

William started to get ideas....

Duk's Arse

Why are those bears so obsessed with their arses? If anyone has the right to talk about his arse it must surely be Duk. After all he has a famous arse. You don't hear people talking about a teddy arse hair cut do you?

People were talking about Duck's arses long before those bears started their arse, arse, arse talk.

We dedicate our new site to feathered ARSES everywhere.


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