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Tuesday, Dec. 10, 2002/7:16 PM

Duk's Arse

Lambs, Bears and Duks

There is a great evil in the world.

There is no greater evil than the evil that kidnapped Duk and left a ransom note.

It didn't take much sleuthing to work out that the bears had nothing to do with it. Although their power and influence spreads to many countries it seemed unlikely that they could have kidnapped Duk. "No, there was a much darker force in action here" said William looking at the note and pretending he was a character in a Philip Pullman novel.

At that moment, Claire on the 7th floor broke into hysteria. William's message had clearly been received and although she was one of the suspects, she displayed so much anxiety at the possibility of never seeing Duk again, we knew it could not have been her.

The evil deed had happened late at night, so we knew it had to be someone who did not have a life. "Who has an uncomfortable relationship with 'creatures' of all kinds". Puzzled William. "Has anyone threatened Duk in the past?" Hmmmm.

"Has anyone threatened to burn Duk if he makes another appearance?"...

..."Has anyone rolled their eyes when ever Duk is mentioned and pretended they were not jealous of the wide circle of friends that Duk has?"

There was one person. His name suggests sweet and cuddly but he is more evil than the evilest thing in evil town when the evil circus comes to town.

He is truly a wolf in Lamb's clothing and the most unbear like creature. Mr Lamb had stolen the Mallard and was not giving it back without a fight.

The Lamb, not the Bear, has the Duk. (There are too many creatures in this sentance for my liking).

Duk's back/ Duk's forward