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Friday, Dec. 06, 2002/10:21 AM

Duk's Arse

Worried about the bear...and the duk

The news is full of stories, true ones, of a blazing inferno surrounding Pearl Beach... Duk is similarly encircled by remorse. "Forgive me Nesbitt" prayed the athiest mallard. "I never thought 'Last Day of the Bears' could have been prophetic.

Does he call? Should he e-mail? What reception will he get if he tries to speak to the bears after all the nasty and harsh things he has said.

After two days of wringing of wing and grinding of beak he retires to bed with the vague hope that the morning will bring some news.

As he sleeps his dreams give way to nightmares. Duk is lost in a charred and smouldering wasteland. An endless quest to find the bears or at least hear news of their safety.

If Mrs Oaf hadn't thrown out the 'outside/inside rock pool' there would be hope. A safe haven from the flames. Run, to the sea or the swimming pool. Don't let there be singed fur or blistered paw.



"Are you there?...there..there..there."

He wakes with a start, screaming.


Duk regrets.

Snow hits New York

"six inches" said William, hoping for more.

"It's enough" squeaked Duk

"Speak for yourself" thought William

The Tree at the Lincoln centre lit up last night

"Lets see just how big it really is" said duk.

"Hmm. Well, a bit nearer my size" said William

Duk Kidnapped!

Duk came to work in the normal fashion. Sat quietly in the corner for most of the day.

Since his pictures went up on the wall of William's office there has been much interest in him but we never thought it would come to this.

It is not unusual for William to return to his office to find a pile of messages. Today was no exception. It is rare for these notes to fill him with fear and anger. It is equally rare for these notes cause a scream of pain and anguish. Today one note did just this.

"I need a bloody large Martini and a fucking expensive dinner at Craft to get over this." he said leaving to do just that.

Duk's back/ Duk's forward