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Thursday, Nov. 21, 2002/6:11 PM

Duk's Arse

Just say no to } : >

For legal reasons this site will no longer make any reference to bears.

The names of individual bears will no longer be specified in any entry. If for some unforeseen reason we feel compelled to discuss the afore mentioned beings, they will be identified by the "devil" symbol }:>

If in verbal communications we feel compelled to mention these undesirable creatures we will use the acronym "TOPL ARAB" (The Organism Previously Liked And Referred To As Bears).

All photographs are being re-issued at the request of our lawyers.

There is no middle ground. It is DUK or }:>


(Please note that in January 2003 all pictures were restored to original state. There is so much hate and war in the world as we entered 2003 the battles between the bears and Duk seemed trivial. If you missed the saga, sorry. Read on!)

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