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2002-11-18/11:05 a.m.

Duk's Arse

Duk returns to New York

Is it the Tamazapam? Is it Holly's delicious pink goo desert with crunchy bits? Is it a strange side effect from the super colourful "scran" that we ate on Sunday morining?...

... Or is it the sense of loss and rejection that a Duk feels when the relationship he immortalized in his mind - for over a year - turns out to be totally and utterly unreciprocated. Not only unreciprocated but denied in a public forum.

If you must hear the Bear's side of the story go here. You can also find out about Holly's pink goo desert and it's effects.

How can the fickle }:> be so fickle? Here, to set the record straight,is a duk's eye view of the past year....with photographic evidence.

THE }:> LIES. Pearl Beach is beautiful, restfull and the perfect place for inward reflection. A place to escape the critical eye of the New York "Glitterati". A place to rejuvenate and preen.

Suddenly, without warning and without any introduction, a }:> sauntered on to my beach. As he ambled into my line if sight he bulldozed his way into my life. It wasn't his inappropriate beach attire that caught my attention (Although under normal circumstances such blatant fashion misdemeanors would never go unchallenged). No, it was something intangible. Something mysterious. I couldn't take my eyes off the }:>. I had to speak to the strangely alluring and glorious creature.


Suspicious at first, we kept our distance and exchanged only innocuous pleasantries.

"Turned out nice." the bear said.

"Nice of you to say so." I replied, impressed that he'd noticed the new doo.

I wish I could say he charmed me with his wit and repartee but no, he was a simple }:>. He had little to say that I was interested in but that didn't seem to matter because he was a fine specimen of }:>-hood.

I don't recall exactly when or where he turned up next but all around Pearl Beach you could feel his presence. I sensed him watching as I did my daily lengths in the saltwater pool. "You look so good in that lovely red sweater" I said... "I'd look better" I thought to myself as he peered into his own reflection.


The next day, as we spent time together our relationship grew. No longer the elusive and distant }:>. Nesbitt and I were inseperable. Joined at the hip (or at least the bit of a Mallard immediately where the body ends but before the feet start).

Your guard goes down when you are with a such and uncomplicated and simple }:>. He was kind, gentle and snuggly snuggly soft. I showed him my special little places. I let him into my cave and up my tree (matron! - ed!)

We were friends forever or so this Mallard thought.

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